Coed Varsity Speech · Large Group Speech

Woodward-Granger took thirteen groups to Large Group District Speech Competition in Perry on Saturday, January, 21st. They performed in a variety of categories from mime, to improv, to readers theater, and more.

Overall, these groups performed incredibly well, and seven groups moved on to state competition, which was held on February 4th. The groups who qualified are as follows:

Ensemble Acting: “Fugue” (Alexis Bixler, Paige Harlan, Alex Frost, and Suzette Sosa-Valle)

Ensemble Acting: “Stranded” (Erin Kamp, Maggie Odegaard, Kayla Crouse, and Camelin Cochran)

Ensemble Acting: “Who’s on First” (Briley Bermel and Alissa Smeltzer)

Improvisation: (Elizabeth Weyers and Alexis Bixler)

Choral Reading: “Reality Check” (Paige Harlan, Andrea Sommer, Alex Frost)

Musical Theater: “The Greatest Show on Earth” (Elizabeth Weyers, Whitney Halferty, and Cierra DeHoet)

Short Film: “Life of a High School Super Genius” (Wyatt Ferris, Jack Brittain, and Tanner Elston)

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